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walker by Paula Rylatt

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Due to the fragile nature of glass I can only hand deliver my work. Unfortunately I must add charges for this. Timing constraints will be discussed on enquiry.

Architectural Commissions

I am happy to undertake site specific commissions for wall panels or for window screens. The screens are wonderful ‘alternative net curtains’, as well as being a decorative feature.

The curved edges of each bit of glass grab and intensify light. In a west facing window the colours of a sunset glow within the glass. It is also possible to make a solid window pane that still maintains the relief of the screen by fusing the screen onto a sheet of glass. A certain amount of texture will occur on the solid piece, so it will no longer be perfectly smooth and clear, but this can become a feature in itself, or a background scene or design can be created. It is also possible to have this sheet incorporated into a double glazed unit.

Prices for a screen start at £40 per square 30 cm , varying according to the complexity of the design, plus delivery and installation charges. Further terms and conditions can be discussed on inquiry.