Paula Rylatt, Glass Artist

I am an American who has lived in Britain since 1978. I have been a practicing glass artist since 2000, after receiving a degree in Decorative Crafts.

There are two main things that inspire me: trees and the sea. There is a sense of change within constancy and movement within stillness inherent in both which intrigues me. There is something of those dynamics in my use of clear, fused glass; a solid material that looks like it will melt away, a ghost image of a place that allows the “here and now” to be seen through it.

There are three galleries here:  Sculptural Forms, Private Commissions and Unique Pieces

Glass Wave on Beach

Sculptural Forms

A range of pieces which can be ordered, but of course with the understanding that while the basic design can be repeated, due to the hand-made process the results will always be individual.

Private Commissions

Examples of completed commissions for the home which could include a variety of applications, from windows and screens to panels or space dividers.



Unique Pieces

The pieces in this gallery include vases (which are a collaboration with Ian), wood and glass boxes with pots (another collaboration with Ian), 2 dimensional hangings, a hanging inspired by nests, bowls, ‘site specific’ responses in glass to places discovered in wood and two glass and steel pieces from a series called ‘Slices of Landscape’.